System Kontenerowych Bioreaktorów

The system of mobile container bioreactors is an integrated installation designed for the composting process and oxygen stabilization, as well as bio-drying of organic waste, including the biodegradable fraction separated from mixed municipal waste and green waste. The system consists of modules (groups of composting containers) connected by a common aeration system, equipped with a leachate collection system, biofilter and control software. Container Bioreactors are ideal for small and medium composting plants (located primarily in areas sensitive to odors).

System Properties:

  • two-way aeration system,
  • automatic process monitoring system,
  • low power consumption of devices,
  • obtaining the AT4 parameter within 14 days,
  • container mobility,
  • the possibility of composting various types of organic waste,
  • easy to expand – modular system.

Advanced control system and two-way aeration method ensure optimal conditions of decomposition of organic substances in aerobic conditions, at the level required.


Container Bioreactors are made of corrosion-resistant materials. Depending on the needs of the operator, the containers can be made of steel protected with a special anti-corrosion coating, or of stainless steel (EN 1.4301).

Containers can be loaded both from the top and from the front, e.g. with a front loader and can be moved by a truck after the process to compost maturation area.


The aeration system consists of two fans: exhaust and supply fans, which in a system with four-way dampers ensure two-way air flow through the bioreactor.

Two fans usually serve up to eight container bioreactors.
The bidirectional air flow ensures the recirculation of approximately 80% of the air in the aeration system.
The aeration floor in each container ensures even air distribution and at the same time allows condensate to drain and the leachate to be led away through the siphon collector. The leachate is collected in a common tank.


The control software provides automatic monitoring and control of the aerobic stabilization / composting process in each container bioreactor. The software enables the achievement of parameters compliant with the applicable regulations, and the process control can be performed from any place in the world where there is internet connectivity via a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.